Jolene Moore


Jolene Moore, originally from Tahoe City, California, has always had a passion for people and education.  Although she always had a love for the mountains and a small town feel she knew there was something more for her outside of her little village.  After high school, Jolene decided to re-locate to San Diego, where she obtained her Associates degree at Mesa College.  In 2002 she decided to continue her education at San Diego State University with the intention of becoming a school teacher.  At the time, the market for teachers had started to decline and as destiny would have it, she found herself working as an independent insurance agent specializing in Contractors Insurance policies.  It wasn’t until years later that Jolene discovered just how in alignment she was with her life’s calling when she found out that her grandfather, whom she adored, had already spent a life-time in the same industry.  It was as if it was in her blood, and the fact that she happened to be so good at it all of a sudden made sense.

Jolene is unique in her approach to Insurance in that her agenda is different than most insurance brokers/brokerages.  While other insurance Agencies may offer you a lower premium, Jolene prides herself on being legit about what she does, sometimes at the expense of her own pocket because for her it’s not just about closing the deal and finding the cheapest rate.  Jolene’s main concern is making sure her clients are properly covered while providing honest competitive rates.  She takes her business very serious in the way it operates to maintain its integrity by making sure her clients are fully aware of all the potential risks and are fully educated on their options for coverage.  Short and simple, she is not going to sell you an insurance policy that doesn’t have you properly covered, because to her, your business is her business and if the coverage doesn’t seem sufficient, she doesn’t morally feel comfortable in writing the policy.  In this way, over the past 15 years, Jolene has earned an indisputable reputation of excellence among her clients who rest well knowing their business is in her good hands.

Personally, Jolene is known for being kind, generous, and compassionate with an infectious laugh that will keep your spirit high for days.  She loves music, Monkey (her dog), people and being of service.  Helping others, making people happy, and spreading joy are all key components in her daily thrive.    Jolene is the type of person who would give you the shirt off her back if she felt you needed it more than her, regardless of whether or not she even knew you.  After meeting Jolene it’s easy to understand why her clients befriend her.  You can often find her hanging out with them amongst family and friends over brunch, enjoying live music or soaking up the sunshine at the beach. 

Jolene’s ideal clients are real and honest business owners who operate with high standards of excellence and integrity.  If this is you, Pacific Beach Insurance Services may be your Broker match made in heaven.  Like Jolene says, “you don’t have to like insurance to like your insurance broker” and that’s exactly the type of personal service and experience you can expect from her.